The word ‘Tango’ indicated the head of the drum and also gatherings of people of color. It was the people of African descent in Rio de la Plata who took to Buenos Aires forms of music and dance that would be of decisive importance for the birth of the Tango. Their feeling for rhythm would influence the local declination of the habanera which, cross-bred in Buenos Aires with the milonga and the music of the Pampa Creoles, forming the foundation of the Tango.


The African contribution to Latin-American music permeated its spirit. The power of generations of ancestral rhythms which brought the sense of magic to Afro-Latin music, of the relationship between its body and its psyche and cosmic forces, and the mysteries of the universe and the stories of its peoples. It is this element that is the real secret of the success to music that bears the mark of African origin: the element which restores, even subliminally, to the experience of music, aspects which the West carefully expunged from its own official and dominant culture and which are, instead, strongly present in African musical practice.


Gotambó is the peeling back of the encounter between European and African musical elements that sprang to life on the streets of Buenos Aires - An artistic expression of a new generation who embraces and delves into the hidden rhythms found within the layers of Tango. It is the expression of peoples, history, stories and emotions. It is ’rhythm and movement’, ‘Music and life’ and ‘Dance’ is the expression of the combination.


Told through the experience of the relationship of a mans journey and Tango, Gotambó opens the doors and explores what could have been and what yet is to come!


Movement is life!   


Gotambó - Hidden Rhythms

Andrés Sautel

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Everything begins with the rhythm...

"Gotambó is the result of a personal search as an artist and dancer, intimately connected with the events that I have gone through in my artistic career, since the first Tango class when I was the age 15 years until my adult age of 40 today.

Gotambó is how Tango entered in my life, the way how I’ve struggled to become a dancer and also my strongest reason to move forward".

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