Gotambó is the peeling back of the encounter between European and African musical elements that sprang to life on the streets of Buenos Aires - An artistic expression of a new generation who embraces and delves into the hidden rhythms found within the layers of Tango. It is the expression of peoples, history, stories and emotions. It is ’rhythm and movement’, ‘Music and life’ and ‘Dance’ is the expression of the combination.


We want you to help tell that story!

With the File-Loops provided in RHYTHMICAL BASES we are asking for you to:


Compose a companion-piece that imitates typical Patterns found in the traditional forms of Argentine tango - “personalizing” the approach in your own way.

Homage. Rather than composing a variation of a familiar tune, create an “homage” to an existing musical work without including it directly. You may begin by creating a variation on the original work, but then drive it apart from its source to the point of it being unrecognizable, and use that as the first or last section of a larger piece.
 Keep the melodies repetitive and catchy rather than long and intricate, and of course make sure to make your work amazing, just as the original has its "emotions".

With the File-Loops provided in MELODIC BASES, comprised of our selection Melody we are asking for you to create a:

Conceptual Approach. Compose a piece for 2-3 percussionists, each playing a single-sound instrument (drum, hand clap, etc. — instruments may be different or the same for each player). Begin by composing a rhythmic groove (be sure to use accents!) for the first instrument. Then gradually add layers to create distinctive polyrhythms - which traditional African music is celebrated for.

Selected artists, musicians & composers from the Melody & Rythym challenges will be the team that Creates Gotambo ́s First soundtrack.

From this we will begin our online social media campaign and the GOTAMBÓ DANCE Challenge. Growing the awareness of Gotambó the brand into multiple formats of entertainment schemes. Breathing a new wave of life through the Tango community and out into the Public circles.


Thank you! And good luck!

How to Apply?

1. Post to your idea on social media with #GotambóAUDITION & we’ll see you!

2. Send it to: gotambo.audition@gmail.com

DEADLINE 29.07.2020

Please request additional info via: gotambo.audition@gmail.com


Melodic File-Loops

Challenge 1
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Rhythmical File-Loops

Challenge 2
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We are looking for you!


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