Gotambó is a dynamic show combining traditional Tango music and dance with African percussion and rhythms. In a thoughtfully-developed and captivating program with exciting and inspired choreographies, Gotambó will unveil the hidden rhythms of Argentine Tango before the eyes and ears of the audience.

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Tango Dancers

The most prestigious Tango dancers with worldwide recognition and stage experience from Argentina dance in the show Gotambó.
In their choreographies they interpret the music of Gotambó with passion, emotion, virtuosity, and sharp movements.

African Percussionists

Our African percussionists with great agility and technique give the final touch to the Gotambó show.

They show to the audience the origin, the very deep and original provenance of Rhythm in Tango and at the same time embody the new essential element of Gotambó. They reveal the hidden rhythms in Argentinian Tango.


Tango Orchestra

The Gotambó show works with high-level Tango musicians.

Their collaboration in the show is essential, as their music builds the foundation for a dynamic and powerful atmosphere and spectacle. But in Gotambó they are not longer the owners of the Rhythm. Gotambó innovates and incorporates the element of rhythm, played by African percussionists.​




The best singers, capable of transporting the public with their voice to the most exciting moments of the Gotambó show.

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