Gotambó reveals the African Rhythms in Argentinian Tango

It is a well-known fact among Tango aficionados, often cited but rarely supported, that the music and dance of Tango, like the place of its origin, Buenos Aires and Montevideo, represent a kind of melting pot of various streams of European and African culture, music and dance. Told through the experience of the relationship of a mans journey and Tango, ‘Gotambó’ opens the doors and explores the artistic expression of a new generation who embraces and delves into the hidden rhythms found within the layers of Tango. It is the expression of peoples - history - stories and emotions. It is - ’rhythm and movement’ - ‘Music and life’ and ‘Dance’ is the expression of the combination. 


‘..what could have been and what yet will come!’  Andrés Sautel.

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The Tango work of  Andrés Sautel has been declared a cultural event of importance by the Parliament of the Province of Buenos Aires. (File D- 1778 / 20-21, Resolution N 1448/2020)

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